From: Jennifer Tracey      Anthology Marketing Group
Wayne Ward
Subject: Hawaiian Telcom

Hi Wayne,

The agency hasn’t made its final selection but wanted you to know that the talent that came in to audition, who have attended your classes/workshops, are dramatically superior to the others who auditioned. You’re doing a great job and we’re so glad people have you as a resource!



Thank YOU, Wayne. Your ‘Showcase’ talent was delightful and I look forward to seeing many of them soon. Thanks for keeping everyone "audition ready" and trained.

KD …Katie Doyle

"Because Nice Matters"


Katie Doyle just called, I booked a part on the new Tim Burton movie filming early next month!

big things are happening, thanks for all the direction you've given each and every one of your students!

Jock Armour, SAG-AFTRA


Showcase for Katie Doyle…Wow, so fantastic !

I am so happy for you, because you are gracious and for welcoming of casting directors to com into your studio to watch your actors work. As a result, they see the work that you have done with the actors and it is a win-win situation for all. As you know, a lot of acting coaches are not as gracious and they don’t open up their studio.  So, we are so lucky to have you.

Thank you Wayne.

Consulina (Wong), SAG-AFTRA (Actor/Acting Coach)


Dear Wayne:

It was a great night last night. The actors were all oiled, ready to go like a sports car. You were a sensational director behind the camera. The guests were entertained and enraptured. What more can we ask for. A brilliant project you have put on; with so much work put in. Now, we can all look forward to series 2 and 3!!  Bravo to you as coach and director. And a big thank you.

Consulina Wong, SAG-AFTRA
Managing Director
COJODA Productions
Hong Kong: 852 9577 4479
United States: 1 808 223 6338

Aloha Wayne!

and mahalo nui loa for inviting me in to your fabulous studio class last night -- wow! what a treat that was for me -- thank you one million times over!

I do hope to return to another session, but not this coming Thursday, as I'm planning to help out with the auditions at HFC -- Tom has asked me to observe and coach the actors --and I'm very excited to be a part of that for them. Conflicted because I would love to see your class work it's way through R.E.D. -- as well ;-)

LOVED the two camera technique and the 'bring your SD card' with you approach. Anyway -- what a terrific workshop you have -- finely tuned and honed over the years and you are so smart and tuned-in to each performance -- wow. And so dedicated and sharp -- I can see why you have so many fans ;-)

Until next time -- or is the phrase "ahui hou" ?

Linda Castro

From: Sally Jackson
To: Wayne Ward
Subject: your class

Hi, Wayne

I loved your class last night. It's wonderful for me to have an alliance with a teacher like you, because in Austin, there were not any other teachers who really knew what they were doing. Actors were dispersed among about 25 acting coaches, many of whom did nothing but harm.  So....YAY!! I want to come and play in your class again.
You are a brilliant teacher and coach. Love ya more all the time,


To: WayneWard@hawaii.rr.com
From: Eric Nemoto, SAG-AFTRA  Actor/Acting Coach

Hey Wayne,

I wanted to thank you for your work with Matt Jenkins, as he prepared for our movie, "Juniper Lane." He was struggling to find the character in the early part of the shoot, but I noticed that once he got tutored by you, he hit the character spot-on. Shows once again why you are one of Hawaii's best acting teachers. Best wishes to you and Fran. Take care and mahalo again!



Thank you Wayne!

It means a lot for me to have your respect and your amazing feedback and tutoring which improves my acting much more than I am often aware at that moment, and shows itself so fluidly in progressive performances. Thank-you for creating such a safe and happy environment for all of us. Thank-you, thank-you! I respect you and I feel fortunate that I found you. Looking forward to Thursday!

Love Jane


Dear Wayne…!

Thank you so much for putting on these Actors Showcases, it is so great to see our actors first hand like that, it really helps us in many ways to see how they have come along and they potential they have.  Everyone did such an excellent job.

We appreciate all that you do:-)   See you next time.

Joy Kam, Kathy Muller Agency





Thank you for your passion and compassion.

We are all so lucky and honored to share this journey with you.


Toan Doran, Actor/Screenwriter


Great to hear you were able to sit in one of Wayne’s Classes.

I found Wayne's on camera classes to be extremely valuable in preparing me for auditions and performing on movie sets. Whether at auditions or on movie sets, when the Director said "action" I found that my muscle memory automatically kicked in because I had trained with Wayne at performing in front of a camera.

Stay well and safe travels.

Toan Doran




Hey Wayne,

I want to thank you for all you do for us actors. I appreciate how you run your class and knowing how critical it is for the actors to see their work on screen. I also appreciate the adjustments and advice you give to make us better actors.

My goal is to be a great actor. One who can see the nuances in a script and use those to bring a character to life. Finding and making those life moments real. Thank you for all your help in reaching that goal. I'm truly blessed to have you as a teacher and mentor.

David (Sikkink), SAG-AFTRA

To: wayneward@hawaii.rr.com
Subject: Thank You!

Hi Wayne!

I just wanted to take a moment and say "Thank You." The myriad of gems I learned from you 6 years ago in a two month span has served me for my entire career in this fierce place of a concrete jungle the world calls, New York.

Today I auditioned for Steven Soderbergh. And, I couldn't have walked out of that room more pleased with the work I meticulously prepared and how grateful I am to have had you as one of my first mentors. It's moments like today that make the continuous grind, worth it.

Thank you. You're a wonderful friend, and one of the finest mentors I ever had. Without you, I wouldn't even be here.

Sure love ya!


From: Michael Crowe, SAG-AFTRA  AE - Actors Studio, New York
To: LMChewy777@********.com
Subject: Re: Aloha

Thanks Louie! I appreciate the kind words and all the support. I wish the same for you.

Wayne is a really good man, he taught me more than I could have ever dreamed. Soak it all up, it's priceless.

Best,  Michael

From: Raleigh Craighead, SAG-AFTRA, New York
To: Wayne Ward

Hello Wayne,

I've been here 7 days now and I've been full speed since I hit the ground.

I shot new Headshots, resigned with my agent, and started my waiting job at the empire state building. I'm excited to be here although I forgot how friggin cold it is!!!! oh well. =)

I'm really glad I took advantage of your great class while I was in Hawaii. I've never felt more confident and prepared for the months ahead. Tell everyone happy thanksgiving for me! Miss you guys.  I'll keep you posted if I book anything.

All the best,


From: Jennifer Kinsey
To: Wayne Ward

Wayne, I am so thankful to have you as my acting coach. I've learned and grown this year by leaps and bounds due to your support and encouragement. I always look forward to being greeting by your smiling face every week and the positive classroom environment. Thank you so much for such wonderful classes. I know that I learn and grow every class and have fun in doing so. That you for providing such a nurturing class environment for us and I do feel challenged every week! You truly want us to do well and believe in us, and that means a lot and carries us far. I’ve never met such a mutually supportive group of fellow Actors ! Regarding the Indie Film update, they have just posted some photos from the shoot. Prepare yourself, though, my character is at rock bottom, a drug addict/dealer, and I’m scary to see! HA ! And Wayne, I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you and the growth that I have experienced since joining your Class. THANK YOU!

Jennifer Kinsey

From: Jennifer Kinsey
To: Wayne Ward
Subject: Thank you

Wayne, I want to again say a heartfelt thank you for the wonderful champagne send off and the meaningful books and dvd that you gave me. I will absolutely treasure these gifts. Those books will be a great source of comfort and resource to me as I find my way in Florida. One of the most special things that you have done for me is to remind me that my dreams should be treated as a priority. You put so much value on them, and have reminded me that dreams are not just a luxury or something that should be at the bottom of my list after "everything else" in life. I am going to miss you and the class so much, I already do. Hopefully I'll be back in November, and look forward to our next time together. Wishing you a wonderful, safe trip to California!



From: Buz Tennent, SAG-AFTRA Actor / Vocal Coach
To: Wayne Ward
Subject: Thank you

Dear Wayne,

I thank you Wayne along with my past mentors for helping and guiding me to maintain character through disciplined effort, being present in the moment and telling the story. One of the most memorable comments I received Saturday night was from Rocky Brown whose husband plays trumpet in the pit. She was Kim on Broadway in "Miss Saigon" and simply said, "aside from your beautiful singing you weren't acting the role of Javert, you were "being Javert." That meant a lot.

And so, having already benefited greatly with your acting classes and loving guidance I want you to know how much a "role" you have played in my development and confidence as an actor!

With gratitude and aloha,


Hi Wayne,

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class last night:)  You are so encouraging and positive, the energy feels so good there.  The other students are as well, not to mention talented!

I like how you start class on time, your set up w/ the cameras, your process of on camera work w/ the two takes before and after your analysis of the scene.  I also liked how you switched up the partners as well as the switch up of cameras so you can see from different angles.  I never really thought about that before and boy did I see a difference in the angles.  Even though it is difficult to watch yourself, I really picked up on a lot that I can work on, including needing to speak up a little louder to be heard.

You really provide a safe and comfortable environment which personally I find very complimentary to my own creative juices.  I really feel like I need the on camera work and working on being comfortable in front of the camera.  Your class is just what I've been looking for.  I wish I had come sooner!

Thank you again:)


Robyn Riggins (Starr)

Aloha Wayne,

I had the honor of attending as a guest of Jean Simon your wonderful class this past Thursday. I saw that you were going to begin to have classes on Tuesday evening. Tuesday's are a better day for me to attend; schedule wise vs. Thursdays. I would very much like to begin attending coming up this Tuesday, Feb. 17th.

I had been praying and searching for someone to work with.  I have been attending various classes taught by many different coaches focusing on many different techniques.  I love the way your classes are structured where I will be able to now actually put into practice the techniques and receive help with developing my craft! You are so respectful in guiding the artist to do their best. Your methods, way with the artist and all of the above is to be beyond admired! Thank you!

I look forward to working with you again and receiving help!


Leanne N. Teves,  SAG-AFTRA

Showcase performance

Thank you Very much Wayne, I couldn't have done it without your help... you are an Amazing acting coach.


Ben Villeza, SAG-AFTRA

Thanks so much for sharing this email. How awesome is that!!! Yet another wonderful testament to all your contributions to all of us as well as your lifelong love, dedication, and passion for acting.

Carolyn Taum

Thanks again for your encouragement and help...I'm learning a ton from you!

Greg Bryan

Thanks again for your encouragement and help...I'm learning a ton from you!

Greg Bryan

Keli'i Aoyagi posted a status

"Last night was my first class with Wayne Ward. Had such a great time; I strongly suggest him to everyone who is looking for a positive coach"

Aloha Wayne,

I wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your class and so excited to continue and am ready to grow as a person and an actor and see where these possibilities may lead. I wish I had of found you sooner! I look forward to Tuesday night!

Regards Rachel Yasui

From: Judy Anstess

To: Wayne Ward

Thank you so much Wayne for letting me join in the class tonight. I had the worst day ever. It seemed like nothing was going right. Guess everyone has those days at times. It's all in how you decide to handle them. I almost didn't come tonight (just wanted to go sleep the rest of the day) but instead, I just said there is nothing I can do about everything that was going wrong and just decided to go to your class anyway. I am so happy I did. It made my whole day. I had so much fun and you are a great coach. Sorry I was late. I won't be next time. Again thank you so much for a wonderful evening. I am very interested in the Improv class. Either way, you haven't seen the last of me. Have a wonderful night, because you sure made my day. Hopefully I will see you again soon. Very nice meeting you and the rest of the class.

Judy Anstess


Congratulations on receiving the award of recognition! You definitely deserve it. Thank you for all the hard work you put into helping me become a better actress. Hopefully I come across more acting opportunity in California, I will keep you up to date on everything!! Couldn't have asked for a better person to coach me during my time in Hawaii. You have been more than a mentor you have been like family to me, and for that I will always be grateful!

Best Wishes,

Hannah Perry

Sun, Jul 28, 2019
To: Wayne Ward

Aloha Wayne, this is Emmanuel. I enjoy being in class and learning from the best. I have learned so much. Thank you Wayne for honestly being a great teacher and mentor in my craft. Wouldn't have any other way with your constructive criticism and words of wisdom. Appreciate and take to heart every word to become a better actor and person.

Emmanuel DeJesus, SAG-AFTRA

Thurs, Jul 25, 2019
To: Wayne

Thank you, Wayne!  You taught me to be ‘Real’…!

Iris Norseth

Thurs, Feb 26, 2020

To: Wayne

I miss you and our group dearly! I'll be forever grateful to you and helping me break out of my shell. You've helped me realize I have a passion for acting I never knew I had. I originally came to class to help with my stunts but I truly grew to love the acting side. When I think of Oahu, I will think about you and our classes. Hopefully I'll come back one day! Big hugs!

Becky Greenwalt